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Gods of Earth Series

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When Dani's divorce is finalized, her three lifelong best friends plan a holiday weekend getaway to celebrate. After a night of heavy partying, they happen upon the shop of a strange fortune teller who promises them the men of their dreams. Thinking it's just a game, Dani, Liana, Olivia, and June play along, giving her the names of their favorite rock star, Hollywood actor, hockey player, and TV personality, but Madam Levinia isn't a run-of-the-mill scam artist. She's a powerful witch who brings their fantasies to life while teaching them to be careful what they wish for. 

They wake to a world descending into chaos, and as each struggles in her own way with the fear that their choices led to the death and destruction all around them, they rush toward the safety of Olivia's compound in the West Virginia mountains, meeting the men they desired along the way. At least, there's electricity and running water at the compound, essentials for anyone falling in love as civilization comes crashing down because at its core, The Deadfall is a romance novel.

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