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When Evan Lucien was seventeen, she left everything she'd ever known behind in New Orleans to escape the man who had abused her since she was twelve.  She had hoped to leave the abuse behind as well, but it followed her.  It followed her to Los Angeles where she tried for years to mend her broken sexuality, and it followed her to San Diego where, at 23, she is trying to find solace in a life of celibacy as she focuses on furthering her education in psychology to heal herself.


Evan has no problem sticking to her plan until the night Cain Ballantyne walks into the bar where she works.  He is the most beautiful man she has ever seen, and though she has never wanted anyone or anything like she wants him, when he begins pursuing her, she knows better than to trust him, her well-honed defenses warning her that men like Cain want girls like her for one reason.


Dedicated to proving her assumptions wrong, Cain's efforts to seduce her are impossible to resist.  He dazzles her with grand displays of affection and never misses an opportunity to assure her that he is the man who will succeed where all others have failed.  Then just when Evan has begun to trust him, he opens the door to his world of sensual BDSM*, and she responds with a scorching fury, the idea of calling a man "Master" abhorrent to her.  She's angry, she's hurt, and she feels violated, but even so, she can't let Cain go.


She could never let Cain go.

*  Though bondage is a part of the sex lives of the characters in Lilly Black's Jaded Series, it does not define the characters or Lilly's books.  Less than half of the sex scenes contain BDSM, and even those scenes are sensual, making their story appealing to readers who may not be inclined to seek out erotica focused mainly on BDSM. Additionally, the Jaded Series is more than erotica, containing a well-woven plot, and various mysteries to be solved throughout the subsequent books.    
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