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When Cain tries to rekindle his romance with Evan (female), she isn't so eager to take him back until he proves his loyalty and love by submitting to all of the punishment he deserves for breaking her heart. Willing to do anything for her, he accepts her terms, giving her reins until she is ready to come home to him and return their lives to normal...normal meaning exclusive parties, designer clothing, phenomenal sex*, and lots of baggage. Normal also means living as suspect number one for the murder of his ex-girlfriends, and the body count keeps rising.


As Evan begins to reveal her past to Cain, she learns secrets about him as well.  Some secrets that are wildly exciting while others threaten to tear them apart, and the better they get to know each other, the more insecurities she sees in a man who seems otherwise perfect, all of which are born of his obsessive love for her.  But as flattering as it may be, Evan isn't the kind of woman to tolerate double standards from anyone.

The second installment in Lilly Black's Jaded Series delves into the minds of characters shaped by histories beyond their control as they struggle to build a healthy life together without any sort of blueprint.  With glimpses into Lucy's past, Caleb's marriage, and the events that turned Catherine's heart to ice, A Deeper Shade of Jade is a rollercoaster ride that comes crashing into the station with a cliffhanger so heart-wrenching, you will curse the name Lilly Black. 

*  Though bondage is a part of the sex lives of the characters in Lilly Black's Jaded Series, it does not define the characters or Lilly's books.  Less than half of the sex scenes contain BDSM, and even those scenes are sensual, making their story appealing to readers who may not be inclined to seek out erotica focused mainly on BDSM. Additionally, the Jaded Series is more than erotica, containing a well-woven plot, and various mysteries to be solved throughout the subsequent books.    
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